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Winner Takes All - C.A.   Taylor I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I really wanted to like this book a lot more than I did. There was just a lot of elements in the book that just didn't work for me.

Lucas is a billionaire who enjoys the lifestyle. On a beer run after work, he has a chance meeting with Jordan, whom appears to have been kicked out of his home and now has to worry about how he's going to survive his first night on the steets. Lucas comes off as a awesome good Samaritan handing Jordan cash and a can of beer and wishing him a better night. On their second meeting, Jordan's throws himself at Lucas in hope he'll buy his time only to have Lucas laugh off his offer. But as a consolation Lucas offers to buy him dinner. Thereafter comes offers of a job and more.

I really liked Lucas and thought he was really too good to be true, although he alludes to not being a good person. The problem came with Jordan. I didn't like his personality and how he was portrayed. He came off as a bit of a bit of a shy innocent guy, who is down on his luck. But then he throws on the seduction a little too strongly. It comes to light that he's the kind of guy who would throw away his connections and friendship so he can sleep with a friend's boyfriend. He just felt like a bag of contradictions. I kind of hated him for not having any fidelity to those in his life and being a bit childish. In the end I just kind of wrote him down as a gold digger and moved on.

The relationship development between Jordan and Lucas moved a little quickly for me. I usually don't have a problem with that in shifter stories but this wasn't one. The way Jordan believes Lucas wants him as if he's the "only one" after a few days of their acquaintance just struck a cord with me. I was kind of scoffing at the idea that these two could be in a loving relationship with each other.

I found myself a bit bored with the story and I really couldn't connect with any of the characters. I was not interesting in finding out Paul's ulterior motives for trying to scare Jordan off, which the author pretty much addressed a chapter or two after Paul was introduced.

Jordan's woe is me behavior made me want to shake him especially after he was accused of leaking info about the new game. I felt instead of feeling sorry for himself he should have been doing something instead.

The book started off well but by the time I got to chapter ten I was sick of it. I was really really glad when I managed to finish it and move on to another book. The story was predictable and the character unlikable...well except for Lucas and Ian. There was nothing in this story that called to me. I really think the length of the story could have been easily reduced and still have covered all the events that unfolded in the book.