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Blue Days

Blue Days -  Mary Calmes This is not the best Mary Calmes book I've read and it's really kind of border lining the worst. It hurts me to say this but this actually read like as a manga or yaoi novel (very cliche). If I wanted to read a story like this I would have just pulled out one of the many yaoi manga/yaoi novels I own and reread those. It really fell a bit under expectation for me. The saving grace of this book for me was the last twenty or so pages. I liked how possessive Takeo got and the two's declaration of love. I also thought it was interesting to see how Mary just let readers know that Dwyer and Takeo was in the same universe as her A Matter of Time series by mentioning Aaron and the Sutter corporation.

I didn't find her characters all that likable in this one. Usually I'm pretty amicable towards all her characters (even those who act too dominant or are just acting badly). I found the supporting cast to be too bias towards Takeo. I mean if I was looking for a change in Mary's writing style I would definitely approve of this but at this point in time I was just looking for something similar to her other stories (it's been a long time since I got a fix from this author and after reading similar story after similar story it just was something I looking for this time).