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Broken Time (Coastal Charm Book 3)

Broken Time (Coastal Charm Book 3) - Casey Ashwood An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Brody was first introduced in Book 2 Keyed In as the drunk that Sebastian would always lookout for.

This story really revolves around the personal growth of Brody and him coming to terms with his sexuality. No change is easy but with the return of his best friend/ex-boyfriend (well first and only boyfriend), Luke, Brody is more determined than ever to change for the better.

Luke has been friends with Brody since they were kids. But their relationship fell apart when they were in college and the two haven't seen or spoken to each other in fifteen years. But Luke hasn't forgotten about Brody and when the two lay eyes on each other again the old spark reignites.

I really enjoyed this story a lot. I liked that there was a lot of focus on Brody fixing up his life and finding support in places he never expected. Brody had a lot of issues at the start. He was a huge drinker but not quite an alcoholic although it seemed his actions was leading there. He was deeply closeted to the point that he was ruining relationships and pushing everyone in his life away. He also had anger issues resulting in brawls. It was inspiring to see him realize how far he had fallen and struggle to rectify the bad situation he was in. His passion for his art was easy to pick up on and added another layer to his character.

Luke being so supporting and forgiving was a bit saintly. I don't know if I could have done it but I respected him for being mature enough to not hold anything against Brody. He was a sweetheart for returning home to help his parents.