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Diventando: The Vessel

Diventando: The Vessel - J.C. Wallace I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Owen was diagnosed at fifteen y.o. with leukemia and every two years he goes into remission. After ten years of fighting he's come to the decision not to do it anymore. With his next visit to a specialist, he plans to get the test results to break the news to his family. But a few weeks from his appointment his cousin drags him to an auto show. It's there he meets Turk. Turk makes him want to continue fighting.
But an early rushed visit to see the specialist results in more than Owen bargained for. Confused about why he's being treated in such a way, Owen isn't exactly sure he hasn't suffered a mental break. Especially when Turk seems to be in on the ordeal unfolding.

This was a really compelling story. On the surface it first seemed like it was going to be a slow romantic story. Owen and Turk were just getting to know each other and dating. Owen trying to keep his worsening condition under wraps from his family. Then Owen starts having these weird dreams and his illness gets bad enough that he can't hide it from everyone. From there everything just explodes and the story becomes hard to put down.

The emotions of the characters were wrecking havoc on my own emotions. In such a short time, Owen really got under my skin and it was easy to just side with him and feel his betrayal, his pain, his love and his will.