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Azimuth - Arshad Ahsanuddin I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Like Zenith (Book 1), the story is told from multiple characters standpoint. If it isn't obvious, the books must be read in order since Azimuth continues from where Zenith ended. Edward is back in his new time line and living his life not remembering anything that happened with Marty. Finding Martin's dog tags sets him on a path that will help him regain his memories. In Martin's timeline, he isn't really dealing well with the loss of Edward but continues on with the work that must be done to stop time fold transportation and of course the embarkment of the Azimuth. Readers also get a chance to learn more about Gifford and the reason behind his campaign against the Zenith and Azimuth.

There was a lot of wonderful nuggets of information gleamed in this book that answered a lot of questions I had from book one. The author writing the story in parts made it more reader friendly when he switched focus from one character to another. My heart was practically beating with anticipation and excitement every time the author fed the readers information that was served to shock. Like Gifford's reveal of who his father was. The short amount of build up from his surname being revealed and remembering Trevor's own surname had my mind racing. Which lead to my questioning who Gifford's mother was and just being shocked in a good way about what was being shared. Gifford's back story was quite exhilarating and gathering all the information helped to fill in the gaps concerning Gifford and his time traveling. The reasons for his action of time traveling was kind of understandable but the way he planned to do so was despicable he was like a sociopath.

There were a few moments in the book where I just wanted to thump my head against something. One of those moments being when Annette was being incredibly stupid for warning Gifford of the Hourglass and the reason behind her brothers actions. She wittingly supplied him with ammunition knowing Gifford would be smart enough to take such info to use at his advantage. I don't know if I'm looking forward to seeing what Annette plans to do with the issue concerning Hourglass.