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He Melted Us

He Melted Us - Ofelia Gränd A copy of this story was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 stars

Delron at first seemed foolish to me. He thought his relationship was over and someone stole his happiness because the padlock that symbolized their commitment to each other was one of the 2000 stolen. Readers could get a sense of how insecure he was. He was a sentimentalist and I never did suffer them very well.

Phillipe on the other was more calm about the matter. It almost seem callous of him since he didn't see the lock as Delron did. He had no attachment to the lock, he believed that they were secure in their feelings toward each other. But Delron behavior starts to worry Phillipe. In the process, Phillipe starts believing he's not enough for Delron.

There was a lot of frustration toward Delron for me. His single-mindedness concerning the lock was disturbing and he should have listened to Phillipe. He was selfish and it showed in his action.I didn't enjoy the ending since their issues weren't exactly solved. They barely talked. I expected some psychology to be involved and this fell a little short for me.