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The Lion of Palmyra

The Lion of Palmyra - Julia von Rist 3.5 stars
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Story is told through few characters. Starting off with Amir at his father's deathbed, Amir is asked a dying wish by his father. Incensed over what is being asked Amir at first refuses until his aunt, Lady Shanaz tells him to do as requested. Proceeding to Geoffrey the squire and his lover and cousin William, a knight. Telling of the stolen moments and repercussions Geoffrey's had to suffer at the hands of William's father (his uncle) because of their love affair. Then back to Lady Shanaz and her plans to use William in a plot to help her nephew get the kingdom back. Then comes Zeena a prized concubine from the the harem of the dead prince who is given to William as a pleasure slave which puts a kink in the relationship William has with Geoffrey. Geoffrey overhearing the lie Zeena tells William's father about bring bedded by William, feels betrayed (since he doesn't know it's a lie) and humiliate. He runs off and is comforted by Manouh, Amir's concubine, and is informed who Zeena is to Amir. In turn, William gives into the advances of Amir at Geoffrey's lost of faith in him.

For such a short read, a lot was covered and so much information was given and laid out for readers. I liked reading the back story for Geoffrey and William. All the relationship drama was a bit taxing for me since drama isn't really my cup of tea. Nonetheless it was a entertaining read and just fun to see how it all unfolded and what was going to happen in the grand scheme of things.