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Phoenix Heart

Phoenix Heart - A.L.  Wilson I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Phoenix Heart by A L Wilson tells of an epic paranormal struggle of various supernaturals tasked with the mission to save the world as they know it. Strangers meet as the Time Keeper tangles their threads of Fate together. These individuals become friends, comrades, lovers.

The author starts off with Lorenz & Cyrus "Shorty"'s story, bringing together a visual dichotomy of a short black muscled vampire and a rigid, tall, white German doctor in a loving yet strangely drug-dependent/enabling relationship. The part about Lorenz's vamp blood, amphetamine, alcohol & chocolate addictions was a bit confusing. Was he still addicted? How did he get addicted? Is he clean now? I felt like the were tons of great things going on but not enough development on both. The introduction of a menage a trois threw me for a loop.

Jump to Hawk, Lorenz's assistant & also a key player in Shorty's "Hunter" profession. What & how did Hunters come into it? How many years before an Ancient make? How come Hawk goes from this wimpy accident prone doctors half-breed assistant to this skinny sweet shifter-loved rescuer who falls in love with the only surviving phoenix. The romance story is nice for this couple but left me with so many more questions.

I found the best character to actually be Vine, Hawk's crazy demon dad. He is a funny but highly critical linchpin to the development of the story and how the various characters meet and interact.

There are many other interesting characters introduced. I felt that there was enough details given to grab our interest but there was just so many unanswered questions about their lives and their romance. This novel concentrates more on the epic story to save the world as they know it than on the romantic development between the various couples.