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Coach Me: Complete Books 1-4

Coach Me: Complete Books 1-4 - Cat Summerfield I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Told in four short parts. Tom (Tommy) hates disappointing his coach, after showing up late one too many times to practice, he knows he's done it again. When called in by Coach to be reprimanded, he accidentally lets slip his feeling on disappointing the coach and his willingness to do anything to make it up to him. The coach then suggests a way Tommy can make it up to him and it's a far cry from what a student teacher relationship should be on school grounds. The two start up an affair that neither can turn away from.

I kind of felt awkward about the age gap between the Coach and Tommy. Readers don't really know the ages of the two characters. We just know that Tommy is a senior in High School. The blurb does point it out but while reading it just felt off to me.

Overall I felt that this was a but like a fine wine taking time to build and but at the same time not being quite developed. I really just thought it was going to be full blown erotica when I first started but found as I continued reading it had some hidden depth. Towards the end I kind of craved a bit more of the two, years down the road. I was surprised to see the coach doing as much romancing as he did considering there wasn't much the two could do in public. It was nice that the coach was looking out for their best interest and making sure their relationship didn't hinder Tom's studies. I admit if there had been a bit more input from both characters POV this would have made for an exceptional read to me instead of just a good read. There were moments in the story where I thought the two were taking some unnecessary risk. For example their second sexual encounter in the coach's office after the game.