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Swish (The Riley Brothers Book 3)

Swish (The Riley Brothers Book 3) - E.  Davies A free copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 stars

This book focuses on Thomas and Alex story. Alex and Thomas reunite after Alex takes on cases involving Thomas's loved ones. The reunion is less than a happy one. Thomas is hot and cold towards Alex because of the cases involving his brother and his brother's SO. Alex is regretful but needed the money so had no choice but to take the jobs. Alex is more than willing to make it up to Thomas as long Thomas is willing to give him the time of day.

I thought the interaction between Alex and Thomas was cute. I do admit I was curious as to why Thomas was so closeted and I didn't feel his reasoning was that satisfactory when he finally confessed to his brothers. Alex dealing with SADs was kind of brushed over. It was lightly mentioned and touched upon and I felt it could have garnered more attention. I liked that there was several problems that came up in the story but felt like this got in the way of relationship development between Alex and Thomas, who we only see having when they are intimate or very rarely meeting up to talk/test the waters.