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Hook, Line, & Sinker (Hard Hats Book 2)

Hook, Line, & Sinker (Hard Hats Book 2) - Piper Vaughn I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

The blurb does lovely job summing up the book without giving too much away. The intensity of passion between Blake and Cas after their reunion was sweltering. I loved reading the banter and seeing how at ease they were with their sexuality and that they both indulged in the feelings they had for each other. It was easy to fall for these two characters and get sucked into caring for them.

I did have a teensy tiny little issue with the consequences from Blake's little accusation in jealousy which made me kind of want to stop reading for sec. It was just hard to read about how much he was willing to grovel and his dedication to fixing the issue. It was sweet but judt hard to see after getting to know both Cas and Blake. Other then that it was a fantastic read. I wouldn't mind revisiting them if the author was so inclined.