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Not My Boyfriend

Not My Boyfriend - Monica Anderson 2.5 stars

It's as the blurb describes it to be. Max and Karson are at a coworker's party ( one for retirement and the other for a birthday party). When they both take notice of each other from across the bar and hook up. The two can feel the sizzling attraction they have between them. They end up exchanging numbers and ultimately becoming sex buddies. Max wants more than a one night stand and booty calls, he's tired of that scene and just wants a committed relationship. Karson wants the opposite of Max, having been burned in his previous relationship, he's closed off that part of him long ago. But Max somehow manages to burrow his way into Karson's thoughts and he's all the guy can think of. Then Karson's ex comes back into his life and puts an even bigger strain on Max and Karson's arrangement.

This was a good story but i just wasn't able to appreciate it as it should be. It felt like 85% of the story consisted of just Max and Karson in bed together. The remaing percentage focused on the two feelings toward their relationship and their backgrounds. Karson's behavior in regards to relatiomship was a bit saddening to read but was easily relatable.