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Prisoner of the Minotaur

Prisoner of the Minotaur - Julia von Rist I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Fourteen Athenians are picked to be sacrificed to the Minotaur. Each are slowly brutally picked off by the Minotaur. All the while, the others await their turn and are tormented by sounds of the chosen individuals suffering. Kleon is the last sacrifice of the group.

The Minotaur is Asterion, Prince of Minos. After seeing the lack of dear and burn of revenge in Kleon eyes. Asterion starts his tortuous interrogation on Kleon in hopes that Kleon will break and spill the name of the love he wants retribution for. Asterion also gifts him with tale of how he became what Kleon sees today. Kleon only has one goal in mind for the creature and employs a plan that gets the Minotaur prince to lower his guard.

The story was such a captivating read. It was so easy to get sucked in and read it in one sitting. Kleon and Asterion both had interesting backstories. The lead up to Kleon's turn as the victim added depth in how the Minotaur was viewed and how horribly the sacrifice were treated.

I know the title and cover suggest a Minotaur but the description of the monster didn't make it seem like Asterion was a Minotaur. Asterion is human so suggesting his body was modified to that extent was hard to conjure up visually. Overall, I really liked it. There was a nice twist towards the end. There was a little part of me that wished the ending ended in on a more romantic note with a HEA ending where revenge was forgotten. Not to say, I didn't enjoy the story as is because I really liked it.

I also liked that there was a bit of a lima syndrome aspect to this story.