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Becoming His Omega

Becoming His Omega - Lily Colbert A very interesting take on an alpha omega mpreg story. Lukas is an omega thats never gone into heat in his 23 years of life. He likes it this way because he grew up with all his friends falling victim to the need to bond and becoming baby making machines. He sees not going into heat as a freeing experience and just awesome for his career goals. Also he is pretty scornful of alphas because of their treatmebt og omegas and all the unwanted attenttion. Then he meets the son of his professor. Upon meeting Erik, that all changes. Lukas finds himself going into heat for the first time and can see that Erik is unlike every alpha he's encountered. Afraid of what this will mean for his sense of self, Lukas tries to run away. But Erik is persistent and his kind gestures make Lukas see the possibilities.

I liked that the author presented the struggle of an omega due to their biological chemistry. The terminology in reference to body parts (i.e pussy) was weird to me and just didn't seem to fit. I thought it odd that Lukas referenced his omega father as "mother". I liked this story a lot though and theses minor issues were something I easily overlooked.