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Darkest Flowers

Darkest Flowers - Eva Lefoy I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Henri is 46 year old botanist who has been dealt a very bad hand. On the night he find his boyfriend cheating on him he also finds out the plants he's been studying for his thesis is being destroyed by fire. Desperate and depressed he runs into the fire in hopes to save/see that one flower still exists in the blaze. Finding those hopes are dashed he gives up and hopes the fire will claim him too. However, the attempt on his life fails and he finds himself with horrible scars. A few months later word gets to him to that there's a reclusive person growing the carnivorous plant he was studying so Henri makes the trek out to meet Ambrose. Henri is quite taken with Ambrose when he first meets him. The attraction is instantaneous as is the seduction on Ambrose part...

I felt like I was missing minor details and stuff was happening off the page like Henri undressing but we know Ambrose ties the robe around him...etc. The thing with Ambrose and the flowers were a bit kinky. The emotional details and want of both characters were nicely depicted and really helped in understanding why Ambrose was so desperate to try to get Henri to stay. The revelations about the flowers were interesting.

I would have liked to see a bit more character and relationship development. Henri came off as younger than he was. That detail confused me at the start since I kept thinking he was in his 20's trying to complete a degree. The way he acted when he found Jack cheating on him I thought could have been handled better what with him pushing his 50's (lifetime of experience didn't seem at all present). The sex was a bit scary and not safe really. I mean there's no prep for Henri the first time Ambrose and him have sex (and Ambrose isn't a small guy) then on their second go Ambrose uses the gum or whatever from the plants to help sooth the way. He couldn't have done this the first time too? There's no condoms and Henri doesn't even make a fuss.

The story is a entertaining read if you don't think hard about it and am just reading it for a short story to pass the time.