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Tied - E.  Davies I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Ryan works in I.T. along with his friend Cory. The two like to prank each other with dick pics. When Ryan decide to take the prank further than pictures on a phone things go from fun to inappropriate bad when the pic gets setup as wallpaper background for the whole office. Trying to fix his mistake, plans goes awry when Cory and himself are caught red handed by the boss, Geoff. Ryan takes responsibility, Cory is excused and Geoff dishes out the punishment. But the punishment isn't as bad as it seems and Ryan can't help but come back for more. The relationship between Geoff and Ryan becomes blurred, Geoff just wants sex because he's been burned before and Ryan wants more but is too afraid of rejection.

Overall not bad. I liked getting to know all the characters. i enjoyed seeing the insecurity and how into the sex they were. I was a bit concerned about aftercare since there didn't seem to be any present in the book. I'm not sure how i felt about the questionable casual description of their relationship after they had a talk to define it. I'm curious about how Cory will deal with catching Ryan and Geoff together.