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Overboard - Sierra Riley An ARC was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

From the blurb I assumed the speed dating happened on a cruise. When I first started reading it really wasn't that clear where they were until Duncan (or Nunya Business) stormed off.

Sebastian came off a bit like a kicked puppy. He was cute when he was flirting with Duncan and when he was trailing after Duncan just while he was working on his basement. The instalove/lust that Sebastian felt really was a bit unexpected as it was for Sebastian.

I admit the author managed to fool me when she mentioned Jason twice. Once as the guy who stiffed Duncan and the other times as Katey's fiancee. I kind of thought it was mistake until it came clearer later on. Jason was a real piece of work and I really was hating on him.

For a second while reading I kind of thought there was a bit of a pride and prejudice feeling going on with how quickly Duncan and Sebastian kept on passing judgment on each other and throwing around accusations.

The last few chapters was really taxing on me. Up to that point, I had been enjoying the book but once I got to Duncan doubting Sebastian at the words of Jason things just started going downhill. For me, it became a hot hot mess. There was a lot happening: three confrontations, the break ups, and the marriage proposal. I was so angry by the time I got to 94% of the book that I didn't think I could finish it.