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Mated to My Alpha Boss

Mated to My Alpha Boss - Fox Hawkins Luca is a lone wolf knowing close to nothing about packs and it being better to never get involved with one. When he's offered a promotion at work he doesn't see why he shouldn't take it. Upon arrival for his new position he gets a less than stellar reception and is thrown into the position by the boss. With the full moon approaching both Luca and his boss, Adrian discover what Luca is. So starts Luca journey into pack life and mating.

Short read. I would have liked to see the two get to know each other better and more romance. It only partially scratched an itch. I wanted a little more bite from Luca instead of him just blindly following Adrian and not thinking things through.

There wasn't really much on Pack hierarchy. I wonder about the maids and servant during the full moon.