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Lay It Down - Mary Calmes 1.5 stars

I love Mary Calmes but this one just didn't do it for me. I hated a good amount of it. It hit on a lot of pet peeves for me and I was very angry and frustrated for a majority of the read.

Present where some of the personal touches Mary puts into her stories but the rest of it was just something else. Hudson was an absolute sweetheart with the heart of gold, looking after his twin brother and picking up his messes. Miguel, we don't really get too much info. about him besides the fact that he's rich and his people (employees and mom) love him.

Dalvon was a major pain in the bum. I hated him at the start, I hated in the middle and I really really hated him at the end. I wanted bad things to happen to him. I never hated a character as badly as I hated him. He really ruined the story for me. I didn't like how he treated/tricked Hudson, his only living relative. That's just not something family does, at least family that claims to love you. Hudson was a banging big brother and I was sad to see him saddled with a very shitty twin brother.

The relationship development with Miguel was nonexistent. It went from meeting to loving and fucking. There was no buildup and throwing safe sex to the wind because you felt it was right just didn't sit well with me. Usually I don't make a big deal about it in the stories I read but I just couldn't deal with it this time.

The part when Escamilla and Goya first met with Hudson to discuss Dalvon and the gun dealers was another portion of the story that didn't sit well. When Hudson wanted to make a all to his brother to chew him out. The two cops stopped him claiming that the gun dealers may be monitoring him. The problem with that was that Dalvon and Hudson had had a couple of conversations on the phone before. If this had been an issue the gun dealers would have already known Hudson and Dalvon switched places.

Hudson's decision to stay behind and transfer his credits even though he only had a year left at the college in Boston was the last straw for me. He was just giving and giving and I didn't feel like anyone had to give as much as he did. Yes, he got Miguel and a new family in trade but I felt he lost all control of his own life. That it got taken and he wouldn't ever get it back. I wanted to see compromise and it just wasn't there.