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Wolf Blood Born

Wolf Blood Born - Meg Winters I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

The book starts with Harrison's own mother ordering him to mate with his own half-sister since they are both Primary. Harrison doesn't want anything to do with it and has only thoughts for someone named Jacques who allowed his with to mate with him twice, something that perplexes Harrison. He also lets readers know that it doesn't really matter since Jacques maybe dead or if not dead in a place he won't ever be able to get to again. In a ploy to get him to what she (his mother) wants she has him imprisoned for three days until the full moon because she plans to lock his half-sister up with him when the full moon comes and he is taken by lunacy. Forcing him to mate whoever is there. Two nights before the full moon his half sister visits him and drops a huge bomb that sickens and shocks Harrison. Harrison only thought are of escape and Jacques. When his mother's plan fails she exiles him. Harrison is forced into servitude but when an opportunity presents itself Harrison takes it and manages to free the other still imprisoned.

I'm was s bit disgusted by Fimkook and his plan to cannibalize the wolves he captured and sell their fur, skinning them alive. It's horrible to think about.

I liked Harrison's sense of morality and the need to be kind. His thoughtfulness and unwillingness to lead but still doing it. Kor was a nice twist in the story and I liked that he was so persistent in his intentions toward Harrison. The rag tag group of shifters, Garrick esp. was nice for adding depth to the story and development of characters. The band of shifters were different from other stories in that only primary's could change humans at will, secondaries had to wait to the full moon to change someone. It seemed the shadow lands (kingdom?) were the one who held magical abilities over those living in the light kingdom. The way the kingdom was run also seemed different. In Harrison's case he was so ignorant of the world not knowing that shifters were in debt to them if you saved their life, etc.