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Eros, Season 1

Eros, Season 1 - Vyrania I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The book has five parts each starting where the last ended. Adrian, a B-list actor, is setup with Eros (real name Jamie), escort for his birthday. When he meets the young man, he immediately intrigued. A night of passion makes him even more enamored with Eros. But as Eros tries to stay distant, Adrian kicks up the heat and it's only a matter of time until Eros/Jamie gives in.

Readers gets the story only from Adrian's perspective. It's well paced, neither advancing to quickly or developing too slowly. The two characters don't immediately jump into a trusting or loving relationship.

Adrian seems like a great guy but he's pretty kinky and readers don't actually get to know him that well. We don't get any background information on him even though the story is being presented from his POV. Actually I couldn't even get a real sense of his personality or thoughts except when he was having sex Jamie and being really vulgar with the things spewing from his mouth.

I'm actually a bit freaked out by the last sex scene....what with the blood and intentional unsafe sex. I didn't really feel as if the characters should have been at that point yet seeing as Jamie is a prostitute and has a pretty abusive background.

I had an issues with the way the book was format, it brought down the enjoyment of the story a bit for me but otherwise not a bad story. I would definitely read the next volume just to see what Jamie will do and how much he will grow.