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An Austrian March

An Austrian March - Alyssa Hubbard I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Klemens in a foreign exchange student attending Julliard. He specializes in playing the piano and violin. He live a pretty solitary life, he contents himself with living and breathing music. Then Dominick, an exchange student is fostered onto him. He's reluctant about the forced partnership but soon enough takes to it. Dominick intrigues him and the same goes for Dominick. Both manages to finds solace in each other and through their music.

The story carried quite a note of somber, not at all what I was expecting when I read the blurb. Klemen and Dominick came off as very lonely souls. They didn't socialize with anyone and didn't exactly seem happy to be in each others company at the start. It actually took quite a while for their relationship to kick start to something resembling a comfortable level.

I liked seeing the change Dominick wrought on Klemens. It was fun to see Klemen become a bit more freer and let loose from his rigid ways. The family dynamic was interesting to witness in the book. The only couple of things I feel that could have improved my reading pleasure was if there was a bit more romance occurring between Klemens and Dominick, if the ending had ended with more of a permanent note and if readers could have gotten a better feel on Dominick's feeling on everything that was unfolding between him and Klemens.