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Nothing Casual

Nothing Casual - Ana J. Phoenix A copy was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

As the blurb describes, Kenta becomes a shut-in after he experiences a bad relationship with his now ex-boyfriend. We come across him as he's freaking out about having to call his provider about his internet connection. In comes Sato Akira, the technician sent to his home to help fix his connection issues. After coming across some homoerotic art on Kenta's laptop, the two start very tentative relationship.

It was interesting to see this type of issue in a fictional novel. I've only read about it in manga but I liked that the author decided to take her own approach at the issue and it translated so well.

From the blurb I thought the relationship between Sato and Kenta would be much more dire than it was. Kenta wasn't as against them starting a relationship as I interpreted from the blurb and niether was Sato about giving Kenta a try. I really liked that Sato was so tenacious about changing Kento's thoughts/views on dating. It made me smile when they argue/bantered back and forth about it.

I really liked that Sato never actually gave up on the hope that Kenta would give him a chance. His determination was admirable. I've said this before on other reviews but I really love seeing personal growth and Kenta showed a lot of that in trying to overcome his disability/ aversion to social interactions. The last two chapters were my favorite and it was just hard not to like both characters.