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Off-World - Jonah Bergan I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Taine is a redder or better known as a Lowman. He feeds off emotions and is actually on world buying a human/slave? to take off world but in the process get more than he bargains for.
For the longest time, we don't really know what Taine is doing and what his reason for picking up Sunshine is. Just that this might have been a way to amend a wrong that might have occurred between him and someone named Shilandra.

Let's just say anything and everything that could have gone wrong does go wrong on Taine's trip on this current planet. He gets added baggage in the form of Tanner, another human that he takes as an apprentice. He tries to keep his cool as Sunshine invokes different feelings and experiences in him. He misplaces and loses items but as his journey progress, readers learn there was more to Taine being on the planet than even Taine knew.

I felt sadness for Sunshine, I hated Tanner a bit for how close-minded he was and frustrated over his denial. Taine was just one huge mystery but by the end I was feeling sorry for him too. I do have to admit getting all the in depth background and feelings from the characters helped to mitigate some of the negative feelings I had toward the characters.

Shilandra's hand in everything was a big betrayal. Even though we didn't get to know her so well and she was barely mentioned I still felt betrayed for Taine. The witch (Elena) and her caul was cruel and interesting. Her plans involving Taine added a much needed injection of intrigue.