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Jamie (Whitedell Pride Book 1)

Jamie (Whitedell Pride Book 1) - Catherine Lievens I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Twenty-four year old Jamie Ellis has just ended a four year relationship with his cheating ex and as a sort of comfort/vacation/break for himself he goes on a camping trip. It's not a very successful one since he forgets to bring along food and is caught in a storm. But it really gets worse (or better, it's all about opinions here people!) when he comes across a lion, cougar and black leopard. Things gets a bit more complicated when he sees them shift into humans. Ward, the black leopard calls to him but being discovered by the three, Jamie freaks and makes a run for it. That one sight of Jamie and the scent of him tells Ward all he needs to know. He's found his mate and he knows he can't just let him go so he gives chase.

I haven't read many feline shifter books but I can tell that this book was unique compared to the ones I have read. Jamie and Ward don't immediately fall into matehood (haha, I know not a word) instead the enter into a sort of courtship relationship. Ward and Jamie start dating, working up to claiming and mating. The feline shifters in this book don't seem at all promiscuous and actually remind me a bit of wolf shifters in their dedication to their mate or the person they are seeing. Also mating bonds seem to work differently in this author's universe in that feelings can be felt but no thoughts/words are making it harder to find/track a mate.

The setup with the mad scientist and lab experiments, while not exactly unique, was intriguing in it's own way. I liked that Oliver, Finn and Jamie weren't "dons in distress" and devised a plan to free themselves which in turn helped the other captive shifters The idea of shifter eating fellow shifter to survive was a bit unsettling but kudos to the author for shocking me with that thought.

Even with all that being said I felt that there wasn't enough "wow" factor present in the book. Everything seemed a bit to easily pieced together for me. Jamie wasn't exactly taken to experiment on he was only cut up a bit compared to everyone else so they could see how well or fast he healed. I mean Oliver got his DNA spliced up...he's sharing his body with a bear! Jamie practically came out unscathed compared to Finn and Oliver.

The key was just left out in plan sight and easy pocketed by Jamie. I think if it was being that well displayed in plain sight someone would have noticed it was missing even there was a diversion with shifter bunnies (who didn't seem all that important).

Keenan attitude towards shifters when he first found out about them was pretty damn cool. I'm intrigued to see what happens with him considering Bryce has found his mate.