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Buzz (The Riley Brothers Book 1)

Buzz (The Riley Brothers Book 1) - E.  Davies I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

As the blurb indicates. Cameron is forced into making a decision about his hockey career after discovering he has a heart condition. Deciding it's better to not risk his life for the game, he returns home to his family. It's there that he meets Noah and the two really hit it off.

The story itself was entertaining, seeing all the Riley brothers come together and coming to a decision about settling down, Cam trying to find a new passion/hobby to replace hockey, and just seeing Noah find out who exactly Cam is intriguing. The pacing of Cam and Noah's relationship development was done in a timely fashion and felt realistic.

There were a few things that bothered me about the book, the grammar hiccups excluded. I found it peculiar that sex didn't strain Cameron's heart but the excitement of getting the bids on the house brought on shortness of breathe and dizziness. You would think with all that adrenaline it would be a bit of an issue.

I wasn't really sure why Jackson POV was presented in a couple of the chapters. His POV really didn't impact/ lend anything to the story. The only reason I could justify the author writing in Jackson's POV was to try to introduce him for the next installment. It really just felt like fillers and it annoyed me a little when I just really wanted to read about Cameron and Noah. To add to this, I didn't feel as if I had a really good handle on the individual personalities present in the book (i.e. Riley brothers and Noah).

Also there was more of a expectation involving pressure from hockey teams that wanted to recruit Cameron. I have to admit a small part of me also wanted to see Cam get some closure concerning his ex since it was mentioned the two hadn't actually had a breakup, that Nathan had just taken off and left that crappy note behind. The brother's concerns about Nathan coming back into Cam life also kind of built up that expectation.