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A Taste of Midnight

A Taste of Midnight - Keira Andrews Stephens waiting at the DMV to renew his license when hes approaches my a beautiful man that seems a lot younger than he is. They start a topic of conversation about visitng Barcelona before Stephen's number is called. Considering both sides seem interested in getting acquainted Stephen is disappoint to see the guy isn't sitting in the seats they previously occupied. When leaving the dmv he runs into said guy at the elevator and is invited out to dinner. Not sure what the hot guy sees in him, Stephen still feeling betrayed over a past relationship, takes the chance and agrees to meet the gorgeous stranger for dinner.

A really fun reading and it packed a lot of detail in just 14 pages. Readers get enough details about Stephen to connect with him and just enough to wish him well and well grow attached to him. It was a nice story and if the author ever decided to revisit thw charaters I wouldn't mind reading more about them and the development of their relationship.