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Hello My Prince: A Gay Romance Novel

Hello My Prince: A Gay Romance Novel - Bealevon Nolan I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

A interesting twist on Cinderella.

Eric lives in a whorehouse. His stepmother turned his former home into a brothel after the death of Eric's father. He is treated horribly by his stepmother and her sons, whom are the top selling whores at the brothel.

Branimir the younger prince in his family. He's past the age for settling down and his family believes its time for him to settle down. Seeing no way but to confess his sexual orientation to dash his parents hopes he let's the cat out of the bag. His family are more accepting than he believed they would be. His brother and mother decide to throw a ball so he can find his own special someone.

I won't go into too much detail but Eric and Branimir do meet, Branimir gives him a false name to hide his real identity and attraction between the two does grow. It was a unique spin on such an old classic favorite. I loved where the author changed up the tale with no magic and added in the use of gloves instead of shoes and Louis. The story was cute with some rough (sort of exciting) edges (i.e. the viscount, the abuse, the selling into servitude and Eric being saved resulting in Branimir getting hurt). Both Eric and Branimir were likeable and the story sweet and exciting with a touch of angst.