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The Altered

The Altered - Annabelle Jacobs I won this book in a giveaway and in exchange am writing an honest review.

As described in the blurb the UK is hit with a pathogen, Lycanaeris, that was suppose to alter humans to be super weapons. All goes wrong when the pathogen is leaked in the water system. Twenty years later and readers see the results. Daniel is one of the many people affected by the pathogen. Him and his childhood friend, Matt have been altered and as a result they have to keep a low profile since allowing their identity to be know will put their life in danger. On a night out at the bar with Matt, things go awry when another alter catches Daniel's eye. Daniel's surprise gives him away for what he is and he gets attacked. But Matt and the shifter/altered who caught his eye comes to his rescue.

A very unique story with a very nice premise and okay world development. It kind of felt like a blend of something that would happen in case of a zombie apocalypse but instead of zombies the results were shifters. The dynamic between the altered, humans and what seers were was interesting. Overall not a bad read and I found the secondary characters quite interesting.