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Heart's Home

Heart's Home - E.  Davies I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

Environmentalist, Logan Hudson, isn't above doing anything (I do mean anything) to get his way when it comes to protecting the environment. To prevent a developer from destroying the land in a park he puts his whole lifesaving in a bid to obtain the land for his own use. But on a night out on the town with a buddy he meets millionaire, Hunter Kenning. The sparks fly but Logan is pretty sure things won't work out with their ideals/beliefs being so different. Things get a bit more complicated when Logan finds out Hunter is the other bidder for the plot of land he's trying to save. Knowing he can't lose the bid, Hunter propositions Logan with a special deal.

I found the story entertaining albeit a bit slow in development. I liked the flirtatious banter Hunter and Logan, that they found they had some things in common while still being so different. Logan's mother Catherine was a complete gem and I wish readers could have seen a bit more of her. I liked that Hunter had such a smooth coming out to his parents even if he was pushed into coming out because of Charles actions. I have to admit the last three pages had me squirming a bit because both Hunter and Logan declare their love for each other. I though it was way too soon for that seeing as they only been seeing each other for three weeks with intervals where Hunter was away on business or Logan was trying to avoid him. Also the whole getting rid of protection without actually getting tested and having that paperwork was scary to think about.

I really think an epilogue was needed just to complete the story. It was kind of left open-ended. Readers don't know if Logan moved in with Hunter or if he completed him home in peace with the approval of the committee. We don't know if Charles ended up making good on his threat, etc.

On another note. The blurb for the book referenced Hunter as a billionaire but in the book he is referred as a millionaire many times. His stepfather is referenced as the billionaire though.