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The Alpha's Call

The Alpha's Call - Wolf Specter Starts off with Liam waking to the feel of a wolf that is strongly of his line, shifting to a wolf and finding the new wolf. He manages to watch over the wolf so it doesn't cause any harm. Come morning they're both men again. The newly turned wolf is Ash and he has no memories of what he is now or what he became the night before. Liam tries to tell him but Ash just think he's a hot guy who isn't right in the head and leaves. Liam returns to his safehouse where his pack is waiting out the effects of the fullmoon and discovers which one of his wolves turned Ash without permission. Angry with failing to get Ash to listen and defiance from the member who turned him Liam expels the wolf from the pack. The wolf then ptomises to fix the issue. To make matters worst Liam can't get Ash out of his thoughts. When he is again woken from sleep due to his connection with Ash, he gets glimpses of Ash in danger.

It was a entertaining read, i wish there was more world building but what was there was an riveting read. I also wished readers got to see if Alex would defy orders again and enter pack territory. I really believed Liam shoukd have gotten rid of him do he couldn't cause hsrm to others consudering he didn't feel bad sbout turning Ash. In fact, Alex, even blamed it on his lack of care which showed he was dangerous.