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Semper Fi

Semper Fi - Keira Andrews I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Semper Fi is set in the the early and late 1940s (1942-43 and 1948), in the midst of WWII and a time when being gay was illegal. Both become friends enroute to boot camp that will mold them into marines. Throughout their friendship and serving with each other they build a strong bond.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The flashbacks and seeing the building and budding of Cal and Jim's relationship was fascinating. Piecing everything together and seeing it unfold was riveting. I loved that the author executed the story the way she did. Seeing Cal and Jim after the war and than seeing them in the midst of war and seeing the difference and similarities really gave me a new perspective on looking at how fleeting life was at the time of war. Not to mention the psychological effects that it had on the soldiers.

It was elegant how the author gave readers a clue of what Ann was up to while Jim was away but not outright coming out and saying it until the end. The chemistry between Cal and Jim was blush inducing. I have to admit Jim's struggle with religion was something I, myself couldn't understand but it was an aspect that was interesting to read about. The acts they indulged in in the Orchard was risky business and all the times they were together I was a bit anxious and frightened for them. Seeing the up and downs of their relationship was frustrating and I seeing it all come together for them had me whooping in joy. I loved Mrs. O'Brien for accepting Jim and for giving him the reassurance he need. The epilogue was a very nice touch.