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Yellowbelly Hero

Yellowbelly Hero - Susan Laine It's four in the morning and I just have tears streaming down my face at the pain Curt was subjected to and just his actions and the call from his brother in support of his sexuality. Yancy was just awesome for checking up on him in the bathroom and managing to talk him down unknowingly. It was decent of him to care for a stranger. I did think Curt hitting on Yancy a bit weird considering the seriousness of situation and mindset Curt had been in.i liked that Yancy shared such imtimate details of himself even if he felt somewhat embarrassed. I thought the author did well with the storybuilding and potrayal of such a serious subject.

I wish it had bern longer. I really wanted to see the interaction between Curt and his brother, Will when Will finally got there. A long with any interaction with Yancy.