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My Mate Jack (Heated Beat Book 1)

My Mate Jack (Heated Beat Book 1) - Garrett Leigh Jack and Will are childhood friends. Before the two part ways, one for college and the other to start a DJ-ing career in Ibiza. They experiment with each other to prepare for future relationships. Miscommunication causes a ripple in their relationship and they experiment. The experience they gain with each changes their relationship. Not sure their relationship can be repaired the two remain in limbo for a time until their relationship is at the point of falling apart.

I really liked it for a first read for me from this author. I liked seeing the relationship between Jack and Will , their easy manner from being friends so long through all the issues that crop up (ie. where they were fine, where it went wrong and how they went about repairing it). It was a sweet read and I'm not sure why I haven't read anything else by this author previously.