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Best Chance

Best Chance - Aria Grace A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Pressured into have a night to himself, Chance Borin decides to visits Rays, a bar.
Once at the bar he discovers the bartender is his first love and the one who got away.

Vinnie Brady is practically married to his job and doesn't have the time to date or inclination to do so. When he finds his old high school crush sitting at the bar all the memories of their secret short high school fling comes rushing back along with all the feelings associated with it. The two reconnect but when misunderstanding and misconception gets in the way a strain is placed on their rebudding relationship.

I kind of hated on Chance a bit for taking away Vinnie's choice to stick after Vinnie express his view on kids. It's kind of one of my pet peeves. There was just a bunch of drama for no reason and Chance was sabotaging his own happiness.The show of support from friends were nice.