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#Rev - Cambria Hebert This picks up from where book 1 #Junkie left off. For new readers, book 1 must be read before you read this one and as a new reader to the author I suggest actually starting with her m/f series #Hashtag. From the books I've picked up in the Gearshark series is that Trent and Drew's friendship bloomed in that series.

Loved the plan of action for the revenge/punishment for those who hurt Trent. It was better than the first in some ways but at the same time I could kind of feel my interest waning. I thought there was a lot of dialogue and too much emotional baggage in this one. I liked revisiting with the fam and getting a peek into how Trent and Drew's relationship was developing. I liked that the author actually included Trent and Drew separately coming out to their families, their reaction and how they handled it. These events were quite believable and as a reader things I wish didn't happen but not all was bad and I was glad to see the guys had supporters.