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Eye Candy

Eye Candy - Amanda Young This was a short but well-written clearly laid out novel of high school lovers that separated tragically and reunited later in life. The story seemed short but I don’t think it could’ve been put together any better. All the scenes and dialogue worked seamlessly and gave the reader enough details to build a sense of intimacy with the reader whilst at the same time holding the reader thirsty for more.

Jake is the top who is jaded by the trauma he was put through when they separated in high school. Kane is hoping to reunite the relationship he has never forgotten. Brock is Kane’s son who plays a pivotal role in setting up situation(s) to bring the two lovers back together. Jimmy plays a pivotal role in helping Jake realize that Kane is more than willing to stand up for Jake and in such, eliminating the last doubts that Jake has about getting back together with Kane.

I love the turn of jaded man-whore and learning the depth of Jake’s character despite his one-night stand ways and then turning to seeing a man who is wearing armor to protect his tender romantic heart. Kane is the stalwart gentleman who made a mistake(s) as a scared teenager and who has grown up to be an admirable responsible handsome man.

The love scenes are steamy and tinged with an air of sensuality and rosy je-ne-sais-quoi that just makes the reader’s heart go squee. Logan and Aaron are cute supporting characters and the dialogue between them makes Jake’s initially jaded adult heart yearn for what he has lost.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.