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Hell for the Company: Brimstone 1 (The Horns & Halos Series)

Hell for the Company: Brimstone 1 (The Horns & Halos Series) - Angel Martinez, Erika O Williams Anti-gravity cows were quite intriguing to read about. As for the story it was quite a quick read/listen. It didn't really grab and hold onto my attention as I would have liked it to have. I felt very detached from all the characters. Shax back story and why he left earth was in it's own way absorbing as was Ness's. I appreciated the author trying to inject some humor into the story and that there's no definite line between good and evil.

The narration was great. It was well paced and cleanly and clearly projected. I liked the personality Vance Bastian, the narrator, injected into each character and the distinction he made between each character. He really helped to bring the characters to life.