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Reckless Passion - Amanda Young This was a steamy novel about Beau, gentlemen’s club owner, and his personal assistant, Adam. Beau isn’t described as the most likable of characters and comes off as a arrogant wealthy man who cares about staying fit and not tolerating an ounce of fat on his body. He decides to confront Adan about being sexually appealing, giving flirtatious glances, and makes his move on Adam. Adam caves and accepts Beau’s advances and good steamy times ensue.

After their steamy, mind-blowing encounter, Adam admits that Beau was his first. Beau feels the same but plays the scene off as a mistake so they go their own separate ways as if it never happened. At a dinner party at Beau’s mansion, Beau makes his moves on Adam again and Adam, being so in love with Beau, drops to his knees in lusty bliss. The scene is interrupted by an emergency phone call about Adam’s son Johnny.

The entry of Johnny gives this story personality and actually saves this novel. Prior to this, it was an overly cliché novel of a wealthy arrogant man taking advantage of a spineless young man who melts at his owner’s feet and a hot sex scene – respect not necessary. After getting Johnny back from the hospital, Beau offers for Adam to bring his son to work with him to avoid having to quit his job as Beau’s personal assistant. They make mutual confessions to each other and seem to actually start their real loving relationship. Beau’s arrogance and selfish needs cause a fight and they separate for the evening in a cloud of anger and regret.

Adam’s apartment building burns down and Adam goes to Beau as his first line of support. Beau is supporting, warmly takes them in and redeems himself as he sets their relationship back on track from their fight. Beau has now realized that he would do whatever needed to convince Adam they were meant to be together. Honest conversation results and steamy happy ending is established! The character development is evident from silence with unpalatable cliché characters to open characters with relatable feelings, open communication and a sense of mutual respect.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.