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Rebound - Chris Scully Emmett Byrd has just gotten out a twelve year relationship and is facing the prospect of celebrating Christmas all on his own. His friend who was supposed to offer him some comfort and keep him company after he got Emmett to fly in and visit him, has abandoned him for his on again off again boyfriend.
Sky Miracle Whittaker shows up at Emmett’s friend’s door. Emmett thinks Sky is one of his friend’s many rebounds. But being drunk, Emmett just allows him in to get whatever he’s left in his friend’s bedroom. He never intended to fall asleep and he sure as heck never expected Sky to still be there the next morning, making him some breakfast...in fact he doesn’t know what to make of Sky.

It was nice story and I wanted more of it. I was a bit dissatisfied with how it ended but I loved that Sky handled I liked that Sky wasn’t scared off by Emmett’s attitude or cynical remarks regarding relationships, men and his friend in general. Sky was truly a sweetheart and Emmett when sober came off as a nice guy too. If the author ever decides to revisit these two characters I would totally be invested in reading it.