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Lying Bastard

Lying Bastard - Devon McCormack 3.5 stars

Told from mutilpe POV. Its even more twisted and sexually deviant than Cheating Bastard.

From the blurb you can expect very very rough physically (abusive) rough sex. Ian is a masochists and needs pain to get off. Brad is a sadist who needs to inflict pain to get off. Aaron is into bdsm and well he's a fucking asshole who feels he's entitled being the head of his fraternity and wealthy to boot, what he wants he gets.

I won't drop any spoilers. Just that it's more twisted and dark than Cheating Bastard and in a way better in a different way. Again there isn't any romance just like in Cheating Bastard. The characters all have their own goal and will do what they have to to obtain it.

Ian's best friend (I forgot his name and don't feel like opening the book back up) was probably the sanest character in the book. By far none of the characters in this book were innocent.

The lack of safe sex and lube again nagged at me from my subconscious but the characters own enjoyment made it easier to read through.

Definitely recommend to those who like a dark horror read.