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It Was Always You - Cardeno C., Ella Frank, Riley Hart, Lane Hayes, Christina  Lee, Felice Stevens, N.R. Walker 4.5 stars

Cardeno C's story was wonderful. Loved it start to end and wished it was longer and more drawn out. The love/hate relationship between Brent and Kyle was entertaining. Brent was such a great guy for taking what Kyle could throw at him. Kyle himself wasn't at all hated even though he wasn't great to Brent. Loved that they worked it out though and being able to get to know the characters and the development of their relationship.

Ella Frank's story was a bit of a hard sell for me. The cheating aspect of it was what got me. I almost couldn't stomach it and this was the first story from this author I've read. The friend to lover theme of the anthology was the only pushing point for me to finish the story. Connor and Tyler really weren't bad characters but their lapse of judgement while they were each dating someone else was just a no go for me and overshadowed the whole story. Also the sudden crop up of more than friendly intentions in their relationship was unbelievable. It just didn't work for me.

Riley Hart's story was cute. Dare and Austin having a routine and keeping to it was nice to learn about. I enjoyed getting to know these two and seeing their relationship develop from supportive friends to more. I also liked that they had a balance and it was explored in the story.

Lane Hayes - I loved see the established friendship and subtle turn to romance. Zane wanting more and never actually pushing it on Eric was sweet. i liked the awkwardness of the situation when Eric realized that he did have feelings for his friend after just leaving a volatile relationship with another friend he had a casual relationship with. I was intrigued about the two and got so invested quickly in their relationship.

Christina Lee's was a bit on the angsty side but all so good. Billie/Will was so stuck on his first love I felt like he would never see Dylan. I was really rooting for Dylan to finally get all he deserved and wanted. His back story was so sad and I really just wanted to take him home and shelter him. Will, I wanted to shake. I don't even want to get started on Leo. Loved the interaction among the characters and with their family.

Felice Stevens story was short but well developed. The characters Paul and Danny meet at camp and hit it off. But when Paul doesn't return to camp and a promise is made. When Paul doesn't return to camp, Danny pretty much loses hope. Older and wiser, Danny has lost a lot. When Paul shows up in his life Danny doesn't know if he can forgive and move on. Not a unique story and is one you have come across a lot. But the way it was depicted made it an enjoyable read.

NR Walker's story was cute. Two friends are crushing hard on each other and are oblivious to their feelings toward each other. Both are also afraid to make the first move. A camping trip, friends and time alone together might just be what the two need.