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Love the Sinner

Love the Sinner - Avril Ashton Listened to this in audio book and the narration was fantastic. I really liked how the narrator differentiated the different characters from each other. There was a point in the story where I was crying. I'm not even sure if it was because of the story or the feeling the narrator injected into the reading. I'll be more than willing to listen to more of this narrator's readings.

Story-wise I felt like two-thirds of the story was just Gabe and Angelo/Rafe being intimate together. The other third dealt with Angelo's plan for revenge and him handling the gang. There was totally nothing wrong with it and I did like the story, I just would have liked a whole a lot more intrigue and the working of the gang. Along with a bit more character building. Gabe and Angelo's insta-lust turned love was sweet to see unfold. There was a strong sense of devotion between two and that was an appealing aspect of their relationship. The back and forth on ending their relationship was quite redundant and but got the point across about how hard it was to give each other up.