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Bridle the Unicorn - Emmi Lawrence The last chapter made me unexplained mad. I toughed out the entire book (which was slow and didn't exactly have anything exciting about it) to find out what was special about the building, why the events had unfolded as it was to make Roan so confused and Ari's part in it all just for the story to unfold as it did. I usually love self sacrifice stories and fantasy is a favorite genre but this one just didn't work for me. I didn't hate or like Ari throughout the story but by the end I absolutely hated him. I hated that he didn't have any repercussions for his actions. I didn't feel any sympathy empathy for Ari? Oh Boohoo someone he loved forgot him, oh woe is me, he kept looking at his situation so negatively. Blah blah blah. His actions led to his choices. After he got tired or bored of his current scenario he decides to fix the issues he incited through bad choices and drags Roan into it. Not to mention that his intentions toward Roan was horribly evil. I hate that four years were stolen from everyone in the building. That Roan forgave so easily and Ari didn't really answer for anything. He was literally rewarded for being bad. I don't really care that he was just 23yrs old and practically a screw up. In the end Ari got what he wanted and he didn't really have to pay a price. There's I lot I can say about Ari but I think I've already said enough. Before the ending I would have gave this a 2.5-3 but having finished I think it deserves a 1.5. The plot was the only saving grace. If the focus hadn't been on the mystery of Roan's oddity and memory loss, the building and Ari's charm I would have given this story up completely. The author put just enough intrigue into it which kept me curious.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.