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Lace (The Vampire-Fairy Series Book 1)

Lace (The Vampire-Fairy Series Book 1) - Wendy Rathbone The story is told in parts, switching from Lace to Firi back to Lace. It was a 2.5-3 stars for me.

We meet Lace who has been captured , imprisoned and experimented on because he is what the humans term as "vampire" but he isn't exactly that. Lace is disoriented, doesn't know who he is and frankly has lost all memories he had and the new ones he makes are a bit fuzzy. He dreams of the owl-man and when interrogated by his captures he can never give them any details of things they want to know resulting in more pain and suffering.

Firi is a changeling and one of guards stationed to watch Lace. From his eyes we get more background about his relationship with Lace, why Lace is in the facility and his feelings on what is happening.

I really have conflicting feelings about the story was a whole. I intrigued and quite engrossed for the first half. I was expecting a monogamous relationship with trepidative/turbulent journey. What I got was something a bit more and frankly it wasn't something I was sure I liked. I certainly don't have any issues with individuals who choose to enter into a polyamourous but it's not really something I enjoy reading and this touched a little too close to that. The cheating just wasn't working for me even if it was needed.

I hurt a bit for Firi. To have to wait so much to be with his lover. Their first meeting while innocent enough at ten. Then having to wait eight years and witnessing the things being done to his beloved for two years before they can actually get on with their relationship was harsh. Not to add in, when they are finally together Lace has to share his body with another just to survive.

Val was my least favorite in this story but I hope that he finds his own mate instead of encroaching on Firi and Lace.

That being said it wasn't all bad. Learning how Val and Lace came to be, why the experiment was being conducted, the world building and action was great and intriguing. The premise was good.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.