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Waiting - R.M. Gauthier The story was only 8 chapters long so it was a quick read. I didn't feel as if there was enough Jeremy and Tristan interaction. I really wished the story had been longer and more fleshed out. The romance was a bit lacking though I did love that Jeremy was there to save Tristan from that mistake during his visit. Readers really wouldn't have known how much time had passed if not for the blurb which wasn't included in the book ( and it totally should be). At first glance (err..chapter) it is a bit confusing but as the short story unfolds it all comes together. The bdsm was pretty light and Tristan's limits were unique in a way. I've never seen such limits before in a book (then again I don't have an extensive bdsm reading list).

I'm not sure what to think of the beginning or Tristan and Peter's relationship. Their relationships as siblings from Tristan's POV was kind of weird to me. I know siblings aren't always nice and will tease and mess with you (I'm the second youngest of 6 kids) but from Tristan's outlook Peter didn't seem very loving.

I wouldn't mind if the author decided to revisit these two. I definitely would love to see how their relationship develops and flourishes.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.