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Red Hot Daddy

Red Hot Daddy - Austin Bates, Aiden Bates The story was pretty disjointed. It was confusing because it seemed like there were gaps in the sequence of events. The reunion was interesting but the in between with their relationship left me wanting. There was no sense of time between Damien and Tommy reuniting. They seemed to have had a very casual relationship from what readers could read Damien would spend pockets of time with Tommy like he was a dirty little secret. Tommy projected as a tough omega that wouldn't roll over very quickly for any ole alpha or allow himself to be mistreated. I know he had history with Damien but to see him allowing Damien do just that and treat him as a plaything made it a bit of a tough read. Between that and this I couldn't rate it any higher. The story was good and showed promise. It did pull me in and kept me reading.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.