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Matching Mates Collection

Matching Mates Collection - Bronwyn Heeley Wrong Place, Right Time
Matty is working the party flower when the matchmaker invokes the feeling of lust over the attendees. Gavin is the werewolf that claims Matty. It just so happens they are mates.

Catching his wolf
Josef and jesse are new friends in attendance at the gathering when the matchmaker works his magic. Jesse goes into hiding since he's had a traumatizing experience at the previous gathering. Josef has always had a thing for Jesse and isn't above using this chance to show Jesse they're meant to be.

Jesse mentioning Hank and Henry was confusing and I wished the author had just left the names out. I'm not even sure if it was different people or just naming mistakes because my takeaway was that Jesse had had two lovers and they both didn't work out because they weren't mates....

Timid as a Mouse
Harry and Luke see each other at the gathering and when the lust hits they just know.

Tigers Release
Henry seeks Jamie out when they feeling of lust hits because of the magic of the matchmaker. The two find themselves to be equally matched.

Mate’s Freedom
Robin was imprisoned in one of the dungeons underneath the coven several gathering ago. Brooke is one of the vampire guards at the coven. Robin and Brooke have had several encounters before but neither are too sure of what they've felt before. So when the lust cloud is released over the guest. Brooke seeks Robin out and saves him from another vampire. Brooke has a plan and he just hopes Robin feel the same.

Cameron is the matchmaker who is in servitude to the evil Vampire Master. He's forced do the magic to pull the lust out of the attendees. Wayne is a vampire and Cameron's mate. They each stay with the coven because they think it makes the other happy. Needless to say both are not.

Each story focuses on a different couple when the matchmaker works his magic and pulls everyone in at the gathering. The stories tend to quite repetitive if you choose to read it all in one sitting. They're about 3-5 chapters long. It follows as the two MCs feeling the mating pull for their mates, coming together in lust and deciding that they'll be together from then on/mates. Their were minor details distinguishing each couple from the other in each story. There's no real tie in the stories except for the matchmaker working his magic to pull the guest into a lust haze and discovering that they are indeed mates and feeling the mate pull among the lust haze. They were fun to read but as i said previously they get quite repetitive and the naming of the characters (at least the one with the same initial letters (J's and H's)) could get confusing.

The stories also suffered because they were so short. There wasn't really time to get to know the characters, there's no real world development and there wasn't enough romance. It was very insta-lovish. I definitely recommend you read these stories spanned out and not all in one sitting. The premise was interesting and the writing was good. It just didn't work so well for me.

An ARC copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.