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Grasp - E.  Davies Blane's story.

Blane is a veterinarian working in the Tennessee zoo. He's been unlucky in love so far but is a real romantic and is looking to settle down.

Falcons sister is walking down the aisle soon. His mother suggest his wedding gift to the couple be a animal portrait.

The two have a bit of an iffy start but the attraction between them flare. But both have been burned by love before making them both more than cautious. Matters don't exactly help itself when an ex shows up in the picture.

I thought this was a cute read. The animal puns were a bit cheesy but reading Blane and Falcon thinking up those lines and flirting was adorable. Spencer was a bit of a nuisance and I wish aunt Vera had made good on her threats. I think it might have been a sight. I enjoyed seeing the gang again and getting updates on Dean and Nico and the turn their relationship was taking.

I do hope Oscar and Roman will be the next story. The brief glimpse of them served as quite the teaser. I think it could totally work since they both have similar lifestyles and may even have the same needs romantically.

A free copy was provides to me in exchange for an honest review.