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Taking a Chance - Emjay Haze Ethan Moore is a recent college graduate looking for job that will get him out of his small town in Iowa. He gets an offer from a small corporation in San Franseco, California. Urged by a friend, Ethan accepts the offer. after the interview Ethan decides to relax by checking out a gay club, something he's not been to a lot of, just to see what all the hype is about. Needless to say he's picked up by the hottest guy there and the two have a unforgettable night together.

Chance Harlow's been burned by a relationship before and it's changed his view on how he wants his relationships to go. When he goes to his favorite night club, he doesn't expect to be smitten by Ethan. He's just out for a one night stand and Ethan is just his type.

When Ethan starts his new job he doesn't expect his boss to be Chance, the guy he had an amazing night with. Likewise, Chance is surprised his new employee is Ethan. Ethan worries he'll be fired whereas Chance can't believe his luck.

I can't say I enjoyed this as much as I thought I would. I found it to be drawn out and repetitive. Ethan trying to resist Chances advances and Chance inability to stop pushing and trying to seduce Ethan was very taxing and a tad annoying. I think 32 chapters was way too long to convey Ethan and Chances feelings for each other.

I can understand that there needed to be build up and indecision conveyed through the characters but I think there was a bit too much. At least half the book was Chance and Ethan having sex because Ethan couldn't resist Chance. The other half being Ethan fighting his feelings for Chance and Chance trying to tantalize Ethan into having a relationship he wasn't even sure he wanted.

I didn't feel Chances feeling were sincere towards Ethan. Being the playboy he was readers got to see just how many boys he had on the hook. I kind of wish Ethan had tried to live a more healthy life since Chance wasn't showing any consideration. I just kind of felt bad for Ethan but at the same time I couldn't help cursing him for doing what he was to himself.

Bradley was a character I wanted to read more about or at the very least see how his love life is faring. Stephan turned up quite a bit and I can't say i wasn't curious.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.